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 What rapper ruled the charts with her Black Reign album, dedicated to the memory of her brother?

What pop music star saw his $11 million stage musical. The Capeman, become one of the biggest flops in Broadway history?

What designer saw sales skyrocket after Snoop Dogg wore one of his oversized jerseys on Saturday Night Live?

What hit band got its start when three alternative rock producers spied singer Shirley Manson on MTV and asked her to play with them?

What aging rock star, citing "incomplete paperwork,." had his Hindu wedding annulled after nine years and four kids?

What Canadian singer did writer Cintra Wilson call "one of the most freakishly mutated creatures the Streisand Machine has ever coughed out"?

What magazine did Vive spin off in 1998 to fan the flames of Hip-hop?

What veteran crooner won an Album of the Year Grammy for his MTV unplugged?

What musical did author Jonathan Larson spend seven years working on, only to die ours before its pre-Broadway opening?

What Canadian country star and her South African producer-husband bought a quaint 100-room chateau in Switzerland?


What rock group's 1982 decision never to play again inspired the name of its "Hell Freezes Over" reunion tour?

What rapper earned notoriety for getting killed right after recording the song You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)?

What band cracked Britain's Top 40 with a 14-minute recording of two if its members arguing, called Wibbling Rivalry?

What singer chose chicken from the NBC cafeteria over his own brand of fast food in Conan O'Brien's blind TV taste-test?

What future pop star knocked Aaliyah out of the Star Search running, at age 11?
What rapper was fined $10,000 for torching the mansion of her NFL-star boyfriend Andre Rison?

What rap duo was formed by Chris "Daddy Mack" Smith and Chris "Mack Daddy" Kelly?

On which label does Mariah Carey record?

What physician released a CD of original flute music titled A Very Still Life?

What 66-year old warbler was laid to rest with his beloved ukulele and six mauve silk tulips?


What holy rock' n' roller performed Cyndi Lauper's nuptials to actor David Thornton?

What rapper's violent death was foreshadowed by his final video, I Ain't Mad At Cha?

Danny, Joe, Sonnie, Jon and Jordan were better known as which group?

What British rocker did Princess Diana console at Gianni Versace's funeral?

What convenience store chain began playing elevator music outside its stores to9 discourage teenagers from loitering?

What one-named musician took the stage at Woodstock '99 wearing nothing but his bass?

What teen trio thrilled the pop world with the lyric: "MMMBop, ba duba dop ba do bop, Ba duba dop ba do bop, Ba duba dop ba do, oh yeah"?

What soul daddy did Rolonda Watts let down gently when he proposed on her show?

Who were Ready Or Not from 1996?

Whose album The Chronic "slowed down the '90s like The Matrix," according to Chuck D?