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What 1997 film did #Madonna win a Golden Globe Award for best actress?  

#Angelina Jolie has three adopted children named what? 

According to Forbes what is #Tom Cruise’s pay?

What song did #Britney Spears play on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch?

What is #Oprah’s net worth as of 2010?

Who was #Britney Spears unlikely companion on stage for the song 'I'm A Slave For You'?

What phobia does #Madonna suffer from?

During the filming of which movie did #Brad Pitt break a limb?

What language other than English does #Justin Bieber speak?

Who did #Britney Spears do a duet with in "Me Against The Music" (the song)?


What was #Madonna fired for while working at a Dunkin' Donuts?

At college, which subject did #Brad Pitt major in?

In 2000 #Angelina Jolie appeared on what People’s magazine list?

Which film, did both #Brad Pitt and Matt Damon make a cameo appearance in 2002 for free?

At the University of Missouri what did #Brad Pitt major in?

When has #Angelina Jolie been rumored to have lost her virginity?

What did #Angelina Jolie dream of becoming as a child?

What is #Angelina Jolie’s one biological daughter named?

What strange public promise did #Britney Spears make concerning her personal sex life?

#Brad Pitt first appeared in what movie?


#Oprah is the only individual to appear 5 times on what Time magazine list?

Where did #Justin Bieber grow up?

#Madonna played a lesbian witch in what film?

#Britney Spears has published how many books?

At what very young age did #Oprah have her first child?

#Britney Spears was arrested for what in 2007?

#Angelina Jolie has an H tattoo representing what two people?

#Britney Spears was once part of what TV club?

#Madonna has won how many Grammy Awards?

#Britney Spears aunt Sandra Bridges Covington died of what?