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What does the E stand for in ESRB, the software ratings board that determines an appropriate age for video games?

What computer classic sent players to Phobos to blast Specters, Lost Souls and Cacodemons?

What Sega critter became the third-best-known figure for young boys, after Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

What slimy video game has bad guys named Professor Monkey-for-a-Head, Evil the Cat from Heck and Bob, the Killer Goldfish?

What Sony game system offered more computer power "than NASA used to put a man on the moon"?

What successor to Wolfenstein 3D proved that free sample computer games could spawn a booming direct-sale market?

What legendary Nintendo game was A Link to the Past a sequel to?

What was Hiroshi Yamauchi's cleverly named successor to the Nintendo Entertainment System?

What video game gives you cheat options to produce a Skull-Shooting TeddyMon or an Old-ManMon?

what company hyped its Jaguar as the first 64-bit gaming system, because it had two 32-bit processors running in parallel?


What proprietary multimedia program gave Apple an early edge in graphics and video applications?

What hip-hop puppy starred in the first Playstation game to give players credit for just keeping the beat?

What graphic adventure by Rand and Robyn Miller did PC Computing dub the "first New Age game"?

What game console sold 514,000 units for Sega during its first two weeks in U.S. stores, in 1999?

What videogame hero must unseat King K. Rool in a 3-D update of a Nintendo classic?

What jumping PlayStation marsupial do fans consider the Sony equivalent to Super Mario?

What game system, the first to come equipped with a modern, clogged up phone lines in Europe as many purchasers got online for the first time?

What video game hero ran a lot faster than his two-tailed sidekick, Tails?

What BanDai cyber-toy gave kids a chance to mate their Pipotchi with a Kabutchi to spawn a babitchi?

What fruit helps restore a player's health in Donkey Kong 64?


What Nintendo hero was more recognizable to kids than Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny by 1990?

In Gears of War how does Tai die?

In Gears of War who is the new character in the game that is the Queens body Guard?

In Gears of War what is the new multiplayer mode where the objective is to capture the meatflag?

In the original "Gears of War" there were Berserkers. Are there Berserkers in "Gears of War 2"?

In Gears of War what Locust creature do you face in the last chapter?

In Gears of War what is the Achievement that signifies that you have passed the chapter where you ride a Reaver?

In Gears of War Where does Ben Carmine die?

In Gears of War is General RAAM available in multiplayer?

In Gears of War is Does Delta Squad catch or kill the Locust Queen?


TRUE FALSE In World of Warcraft there is no flightpath location in this zone.

In World of Warcraft Can players work on their Fishing profession in Deadwind Pass?

In World of Warcraft the Sleeping Gorge constitutes a small part of Deadwind Pass. The path cutting through it goes in which direction?

World of Warcraft what winged enemy can be found on the roads of Deadwind Pass?

World of Warcraft what type of creatures make their home in 'The Vice'?

World of Warcraft Ariden's Camp can be found in the northern area of the zone. Who (or what) is Ariden?

World of Warcraft, Deadwind Pass only connects to two other zones: Swamp of Sorrows and what other area?

World of Warcraft there is only one instance in Deadwind Pass. What is its name?

World of Warcraft, the instance found in Deadwind Pass was originally reachable using which expansion of the game?

World of Warcraft, How many entrances into the zone's sole instance are there?


In Grand Theft Auto IV, In the mission "I'll Take Her..." what kind of car do you pretend to want to buy?

In Grand Theft Auto IV What is the puzzle game that is found in many places such as the store Modo?

In Grand Theft Auto IV, For whom do you complete ten exotic export missions?

TRUE FALSE: In Grand Theft Auto IV, In the mission "Three Leaf Clover", you rob a store.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, What brand is your camera phone (the phone Playboy X gives you, not your first one)?

In Grand Theft Auto IV, Which friend will sell you weapons out of his car for cheap prices if you befriend him enough?

In Grand Theft Auto IV, What is Packie's last name?

TRUE FALSE: In Grand Theft Auto IV,

In Grand Theft Auto IV Who kidnaps you after you kill Vlad?

In Grand Theft Auto IV What does Florian change his name to?


In Grand Theft Auto IV Going to the airport and driving around on the runways gives you what?


What type of computer programs did the Dark Avenger Mutation Engine promise to make more powerful?

What 1980s video game star returned in 1999 with pals Diddy, Tiny, Chunky and Lanky?