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The male preying mantis cannot do what while its head is attached to its body? A: http://twqa.net/z/1.php

According to one survey what is the average penis size?  http://twqa.net/z/2.php

How many calories do you burn on average having sex for 30 min? http://twqa.net/z/3.php

Australian women have sex on the first date more than women the same age in the USA and Canada. http://twqa.net/z/4.php

Where is it illegal to have sex with a truck driver in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania? A: http://twqa.net/z/5.php

What institute houses the largest collection of porno in the world? http://twqa.net/z/6.php

According to one survey what percent of women have faked an orgasm? http://twqa.net/z/7.php

Tor F: Women with a Ph.D. are twice as likely to be interested in a one night stand than a women with a batcher’s degree? http://twqa.net/z/8.php

What particular animal is it illegal to have sex with in Florida? http://twqa.net/z/9.php

What mammal has the highest rate of homosexuality? http://twqa.net/z/10.php

 What are umbilical cords cut from women who give birth commonly used for? http://twqa.net/z/11.php

How often does the average married couple have sex? http://twqa.net/z/12.php

What sex practice do humans and fish share? http://twqa.net/z/13.php

What natural fluid contains zinc and calcium which are proven to prevent tooth decay. http://twqa.net/z/14.php

The average shelf life of a condom is how long? http://twqa.net/z/15.php

When are women most likely to want to have sex? http://twqa.net/z/16.php

In what country are condoms sold door to door like cosmetics in the US? http://twqa.net/z/17.php

According to one online survey what was a man’s favorite sexual position. http://twqa.net/z/18.php

What mountain range literally means “Big Tits?” http://twqa.net/z/19.php

Until 1973 what label did the American Psychiatric Association categorize homosexuality? http://twqa.net/z/20.php

 I Ancient Greece why would women expose their genitals towards the sea? http://twqa.net/z/21.php

How old is the oldest known dildo? http://twqa.net/z/22.php

According to an online health article what position is easiest for a woman to achieve orgasm? http://twqa.net/z/23.php

In Hong Kong what penalty can a wife legally inflict on her cheating husband? http://twqa.net/z/24.php

In the original Grim Fairytale the prince does what to the sleeping princess? http://twqa.net/z/25.php

In Medieval France, what was the penalty for a unfaithful wife? http://twqa.net/z/26.php

Where in the US is it legal to have sex with a corpse? http://twqa.net/z/27.php

The largest sex orgy in recorded history had how many participants? http://twqa.net/z/28.php

1. According to one surprising survey of 200 women what was their favorite sexual position? http://twqa.net/z/29.php

According to one survey what percent of people have cheated on their partners? http://twqa.net/z/30.php

What nasty purpose did  the bottom half of Burlesque costumes serve in the 15 century? http://twqa.net/z/31.php

According to one survey what percent of people have had sex on the first date? http://twqa.net/z/32.php

What percent of females claimed they did not enjoy their first sexual encounter? http://twqa.net/z/33.php

2. According to one surprising survey of 200 women what was their favorite sexual position? http://twqa.net/z/34.php

According to one survey what percent of single men (age 30 +) have paid for sex? http://twqa.net/z/35.php

T or F: Non sexual excitement such as a football touchdown can cause a mans penis to become erect. http://twqa.net/z/36.php

According to a 2008 survey what state has the highest rate of Chlamydia? http://twqa.net/z/37.php

Where in Fairbanks, Alaska is it illegal for a moose to have sex? http://twqa.net/z/38.php

What was the penalty for a first time rapist in Rome? http://twqa.net/z/39.php

What percent of males claimed they did not enjoy their first sexual encounter? http://twqa.net/z/40.php

According to one survey what percent of women think about sex every day? http://twqa.net/z/41.php

3. According to one surprising survey of 200 women what was their favorite sexual position? http://twqa.net/z/42.php

The WORLD daily average for sexually active couples is how many? http://twqa.net/z/43.php

What is the most common STD in the USA? http://twqa.net/z/44.php

True or False: A mouse sperm is longer than an elephants. http://twqa.net/z/45.php

According to a survey which women were more receptive to anal sex? College educated or non College educated? http://twqa.net/z/46.php

How many women are born with an extra nipple? http://twqa.net/z/47.php

What common sex toy was used in the 19th century to treat female hysteria and chronic anxiety? http://twqa.net/z/48.php

4. According to one surprising survey of 200 women what was their favorite sexual position? http://twqa.net/z/49.php

What is the average size of an erect penis? http://twqa.net/z/50.php

According to one survey what percent of couples have had sex outdoors? http://twqa.net/z/51.php

According to a survey which women were more receptive to enjoying oral sex? College educated or non College educated? http://twqa.net/z/52.php

"Endytophilia" is the desire to do what while having sex? http://twqa.net/z/53.php

According The Solitary Vice, a book for doctors that came out in the 1890s, women who masturbate tend to do what? http://twqa.net/z/54.php

Both humans and porpoises have one social sex practice in common? http://twqa.net/z/55.php

According to one survey how many people never ask their partner if they have ever had an STD? http://twqa.net/z/56.php

In inches how long is the average adult penis? http://twqa.net/z/57.php

How long does a mosquito have Ariel sex? http://twqa.net/z/58.php

What was this 18th century term referring to- “navigate the windward passage”  http://twqa.net/z/59.php

What percent of women, still over 80, are sexually active? http://twqa.net/z/60.php

 Average Penis size of an adult male is how long? http://twqa.net/z/61.php

What common word means to exercise naked? http://twqa.net/z/62.php

What does "Telephonicophilia" mean? http://twqa.net/z/63.php

What is the safest tranquilizer in the world? http://twqa.net/z/64.php

What does Ecouteurism mean? http://twqa.net/z/65.php

What month do most Americans loose their virginity? http://twqa.net/z/66.php

The longest know “daisy chain” was 30 in total during what emperor’s orgy? http://twqa.net/z/67.php

What is the number 1 sex act desired by heterosexual men? http://twqa.net/z/68.php

How many positions of intercourse are in the Karma Sutra? http://twqa.net/z/69.php

Why did Japanese prostitutes inject their breasts with silicone in the 1940s? http://twqa.net/z/70.php 

According to one survey what percent of women claim to enjoy sex a great deal? http://twqa.net/z/71.php

How fast can a man under 40 achieve erection? http://twqa.net/z/72.php

What on a woman can swell up to 25% when aroused? http://twqa.net/z/73.php

In the midleages a person guilty of beastyality could face what penalty? http://twqa.net/z/74.php

What is the most popular edible underwear flavor? http://twqa.net/z/75.php

According to one survey what is the average number of sex partners for women? http://twqa.net/z/76.php 

In Cali, Colombia who must witness the first sexual act of a married couple? http://twqa.net/z/77.php 

What percent of the female population are able to achieve orgasm simply through breast stimulation? http://twqa.net/z/78.php 

To testify in court, what did Roman men have to swear on? http://twqa.net/z/79.php 

Business for Nevada brothels shot up 20 percent when? http://twqa.net/z/80.php 

 According to one survey what percent of couples have had sex in the workplace? http://twqa.net/z/81.php 

What penalty could Victorian women face for denying their husbands sex? http://twqa.net/z/82.php 

In what state is it illegal to have sex without a condom? http://twqa.net/z/83.php 

A “dork” is what? http://twqa.net/z/84.php 

According to one survey what is the average number of sex partners for men? http://twqa.net/z/85.php 

What 2 southern states have banned sex toy sales? http://twqa.net/z/86.php 

Where are topless sales women legal in Liverpool England? http://twqa.net/z/87.php 

According to one survey what percent of couples have engaged in a threesome? http://twqa.net/z/88.php 

What does "Menophobia" mean? http://twqa.net/z/89.php 

What did the acronym F.U.C.K. stand for in ancient England that was stamped on a door hanger while having sex. http://twqa.net/z/90.php

 What is the penalty for masturbation in Indonesia? http://twqa.net/z/91.php 

What scary feature is found on the genitals of male cats? http://twqa.net/z/92.php 

What type of specialist is called a “parthenologist”? http://twqa.net/z/93.php 

What strange confession did Marilyn Monroe, the most celebrated sex icon, confessed to a friend? http://twqa.net/z/94.php 

What does the term “bear claw” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/95.php 

What is the average lasting time for a man during sex? http://twqa.net/z/96.php 

A Person who becomes sexually excited by rubbing against strangers is called what? http://twqa.net/z/97.php 

What is a “boiler suit” referring to? http://twqa.net/z/98.php 

What is the most successful X rated movie of all time? http://twqa.net/z/99.php 

What is the average number of erections per day for men? http://twqa.net/z/100.php 

 3 best ways to improve sexual function? http://twqa.net/z/101.php 

How long is a giraffe penis? http://twqa.net/z/102.php  

What is an Alaskan Fire Dragon according to the Dirty Slang Dictionary? http://twqa.net/z/103.php

What act does the term “bronco” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/104.php 

What strange advice did Hippocrates, Father of Medicine,give to young girls in order to enlarge their bust size? http://twqa.net/z/105.php 

What is a instant cure for mild depression? http://twqa.net/z/106.php 

Where are octopuses testicles located? http://twqa.net/z/107.php  

What does the term “cold lunch” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/108.php

What undesirable trait is Anorgasmy referring to? http://twqa.net/z/109.php 

What does "Venus Observa" mean? http://twqa.net/z/110.php 

What does "Siderodromophilia" mean? http://twqa.net/z/111.php 

How much was Napoleon's penis sold for? http://twqa.net/z/112.php 

In Sambia, New Guinea what acts must males perform until adulthood? http://twqa.net/z/113.php 

What are the 5 odors that increase blood flow to the penis? http://twqa.net/z/114.php 

What does the term “brownie queen” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/115.php 

What unbelievably creepy fetish is "Formicophilia" referring to? http://twqa.net/z/116.php 

What undesirable side effects can steroid use cause? http://twqa.net/z/117.php 

Which poor animal only has sex twice a year? http://twqa.net/z/118.php 

When did the first human sex change take place? http://twqa.net/z/119.php 

What is a “daisy chain” referring to? http://twqa.net/z/120.php 

 What percent of women claimed to have discovered orgasm on their own? http://twqa.net/z/121.php 

According to playboy what is the most popular sex aid? http://twqa.net/z/122.php 

How old is the oldest published sex manual? http://twqa.net/z/123.php 

What is the origin of the word “orgasm?” http://twqa.net/z/124.php 

What plant got it’s name because of it’s resemblance to the female genetalia. http://twqa.net/z/125.php 

What does the “G” in G string stand for? http://twqa.net/z/126.php 

What does the term “bone of contention” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/127.php 

What does Arabian Goggles refer to according to the Dirty Slang Dictionary? http://twqa.net/z/128.php 

How much was Marilyn Monroe’s bra sold for from the movie Some Like it Hot? http://twqa.net/z/129.php 

Men of what tribe shake penises instead of hands? http://twqa.net/z/130.php 

 What natural act (according to scientists) makes a woman’s hair shin and skin smoothen? http://twqa.net/z/131.php 

Scientifically, why are headaches in fact a bad excuse not to have sex? http://twqa.net/z/132.php 

What male mammal will mate for life, and if the female dies, he remains single for the rest of his life? http://twqa.net/z/133.php 

What sex act is a blumpy referring to? http://twqa.net/z/134.php 

What does the term “Bullwinkle” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/135.php 

What hormone increase causes acne in both girls and boys at puberty? http://twqa.net/z/136.php 

What does "Chrematistophilia" refer to? http://twqa.net/z/137.php 

Why were women discouraged from having orgasms in the middle ages? http://twqa.net/z/138.php 

What are the two self cleaning organs? http://twqa.net/z/139.php 

In Lebanon what is the punishment for sex with a animal of the same sex as you? http://twqa.net/z/140.php 

 What great warrior died while having sex? http://twqa.net/z/141.php 

What does a “Balloon Knot” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/142.php 

What does Phallology refer to? http://twqa.net/z/143.php 

What does the term “brownie necktie” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/144.php 

What does the term “Dirty Sanchez” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/145.php 

What two mammals posses hymens? http://twqa.net/z/146.php 

What does the term “beaver leaver” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/147.php 

How large can a man’s testicles increase in size when he is aroused? http://twqa.net/z/148.php 

What disgusting materials were used to make 18th century condoms? http://twqa.net/z/149.php 

What animal can orgasm for up to 30 min? http://twqa.net/z/150.php 

 What strange sexual act is “Axillism” referring to? http://twqa.net/z/151.php 

What flower was named after a mans testicles by the Greeks? http://twqa.net/z/152.php 

Besides the genitals and the breasts, what other body part swells during intercourse? http://twqa.net/z/153.php 

On average how long does a man have sex? http://twqa.net/z/154.php 

When someone literally has “a lot of balls” it is called what? http://twqa.net/z/155.php 

Pornography is derived from the Greek word meaning what? http://twqa.net/z/156.php 

What animal masturbates after loosing a battle? http://twqa.net/z/157.php 

What sex act does a “chili dog” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/158.php 

It was said that lipstick was invented in Egyptian times for women who specialized in what? http://twqa.net/z/159.php 

What did the ancient Greeks admire more: A small erect penis or a large erect penis? http://twqa.net/z/160.php 

 What humorous fear is  “Ithyphallophobia” referring to? http://twqa.net/z/161.php 

What does the clinical term "daysypgal." Refer to? http://twqa.net/z/162.php 

What sexual act does “bait and tackle” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/163.php 

What does the term “morning wood” stand for? http://twqa.net/z/164.php 

What does a “carpet cleaner” refer do? http://twqa.net/z/165.php 

What amazing percentage of movies released in the United States are porn films? http://twqa.net/z/166.php 

What does a flower in the left ear mean for a Hawian woman to a potential suitor? http://twqa.net/z/167.php 

What’s the average weight of an elephants penis? http://twqa.net/z/168.php 

What side effects can prolonged exposure to stress cause? http://twqa.net/z/169.php 

What is the term “bull dagger” referring to? http://twqa.net/z/170.php 

 How many cows can a Bull get pregnant from one ejaculation? http://twqa.net/z/171.php 

When was the word “sex” coined? http://twqa.net/z/172.php 

In the animal kingdom which animal holds the quickest intercourse title? http://twqa.net/z/173.php 

What United States President loved showing off his penis, and nick named it Jumbo? http://twqa.net/z/174.php 

What Greek god is the “hymen” named after? http://twqa.net/z/175.php 

When someone says “brown bagging it” what are they referring to? http://twqa.net/z/176.php 

Who is the term “bunny boiler” referring to? http://twqa.net/z/177.php 

What can gentle relaxed love making reduce your chances of? http://twqa.net/z/178.php 

According to psychologists, what is the most common sources of sexual fetishism in Western society? http://twqa.net/z/179.php 

What used to be called “rapeseed oil” before it was changed for marketing reasons? http://twqa.net/z/180.php 

 According to the Kama Sutra, a man's penis can stay constantly erect by applying what? http://twqa.net/z/181.php

In what country are men legally allowed to have sex with animals? http://twqa.net/z/182.php

What did the Roman Emperor Nero do with his dead wife’s clothes? http://twqa.net/z/183.php 

In what odd way do male dear masturbate? http://twqa.net/z/184.php 

Where does the term “ejaculation” come from? http://twqa.net/z/185.php 

A Eagle can have sex while flying how fast? http://twqa.net/z/186.php 

What sex act is a “blumpkin” referring to? http://twqa.net/z/187.php 

What is the average usable life of a condom in a wallet? http://twqa.net/z/188.php 

What does the term “couch bombing” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/189.php 

What strange type of arousal is the word “Nasophilia” referring to? http://twqa.net/z/190.php 

 What does "Eurotophobia" refer to? http://twqa.net/z/191.php 

Among sexually active adults what group has the least reported cases of STDs? http://twqa.net/z/192.php 

What is a Aeroplane Blonde? http://twqa.net/z/193.php 

Where does the term “dude” come from? http://twqa.net/z/194.php 

In China, what reasons could a man be castrated for? http://twqa.net/z/195.php 

How amazingly old is the earliest known illustration of a man using a condom during sexual intercourse? http://twqa.net/z/196.php 

What does the term “bimbot” refer to? http://twqa.net/z/197.php 

What does the acronym BOBFOC stand for? http://twqa.net/z/198.php 

When was the first condom patented? http://twqa.net/z/199.php 

What scandalous practice does Sacofricosis refer to? http://twqa.net/z/200.php 

 What embarrassingly low percentage of adult film stars where condoms? http://twqa.net/z/201.php 

What is the modern psychiatric definition of Nymphomaniac? http://twqa.net/z/202.php 

About 40% of boys develop what odd nipple growth? http://twqa.net/z/203.php 

What is “Medomalacuphobia?” http://twqa.net/z/204.php 

Which sperm swim faster: male with a Y chromosome, or female with a X chromosome? http://twqa.net/z/205.php