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Bible Trivia Why Are They So Popular Ancient Church


What member of the Dolphin species is anything but cute and nice?

What did the internet search company name “Yahoo” originally stand for?

What country produces the most movies per year?

What is the oldest known fairytale?
What was the first McDonalds originally called?

Why did 1000 cyclists strip naked in London on June 13th 2009 to go on a 10km nude bike ride?

Molecularly speaking, water is actually much drier than what surprising substance?

How did the term “bank teller” originate?

What invaluable organs did Scandinavian Berserkers cut out of themselves before battle?

What human organ can (once cut out) bounce higher than a rubber ball, but only for 30 minutes?


What was the comic duo Cheech and Chong were originally known as?

What is the IRONIC name of the Texas city (population 11,284) that has never had a homicide occur within it’s borders?

What is a bizarre, but effective, cure for sleep apnea?

What strange fear of death known as cherophobia refer to?

If you have been diagnosed with Unatractiphobia then what group of people are you afraid of?

What strange irrational fear does scoptophobic refer to?

If you suffer from Syngenesophobia then you probably loath the holidays. Why?

Why would a Caligynephobic be in hell at a #modeling convention?

What might the Amazon #women have suffered from in their single sex environment?

Why might someone wishing to torture a Clinophobic take them to a Mattress #Giant?


What Founding American #President held the jump record for 120 years at 23 feet?

The tomb built for George Washington is now used for what?

Who was the first American #millionaire?

George #Washington was allergic to what fruit?

What did #George Washington refuse to do during his term as President?

What common accessories stopped a potentially fatal #bullet from killing Juan Camarena?

A fisherman sept 4 2010 found what grizzly thing hanging from a captured sharks mouth?

Ancntus Akuku was #married how many unbelievable times?

In 1918 through 1922 what bug killed more Russians than World #war 1?

#Scientists in Peru uncovered the bones of a 36 million year old penguin that was amazingly tall. How tall was it?


Why are many Albatros’ (rare bird) eggs considered so #valuable?

How #amazingly long was the table in Italy that served 2700 guests in September 2010?

How fast must a #spacecraft travel to escape the Earth’s gravity?

Why, on October 10th 2010, did a man receive $200000 yen for capturing a monkey?

True or False: A one eyed Bearded baby #dragon was found.

How many ancient species of insects was found in one 300lb cache of 50 #million year old amber?

Doctors removed a knife from a man’s forehead that had #AMAZINGLY been there for how many years?

Carlos Alberto, a carpenter from Portugal, built a functioning replica of a vesper motor from what #UNBELIEVABLE material?

Heidi, the cross eyed opossum, has how many Facebook fans?

Matthew tippler made a keychain out of what part of his own body?


What gruesome ancient practice has become such a problem in Uganda that a special law enforcement task force had to be created?

Capital Punishment in India could have involved what animal used to kill the condemned?

In what Bazaar location can the ears of a South American Blue Morpho be found?

Cockroaches will die when exposed to what medicine that is beneficial to people?

There is an ant called the “slave maker”…What bizarre practice would give it that name?

200 million people in China live on what amazingly small amount of money?

How much money did American Airlines save by eliminating only one olive per first class salad served?

Karolyne Smith sold what part of her body for how much #MONEY to a gambling site that wanted human advertising space.

How much did radio DJ, Tim Shaw’s, #ANGRY wife sell his super expensive Lotus Esprit Turbo for on Ebay after hearing him talk about leaving her?

What delicate VERY #BREAKABLE items was a Chinese man walking on without breaking while pulling a car?


A Shanghai online gamer was #MURDERED because he sold what intangible item for $1129 ?

What did 56 year old Brazilian pastor Jose Geraldo Soares die of while watching Passion of the Christ?

A seven year old boy from Agra hung himself in an attempt to meet and be saved by what well known #HERO?

A 68 year old Taiwanese man survived with only bruises after #falling from what incredible height?

A pod of #dolphins circled protectively round a group of New Zealand swimmers to fend off an attack by what?

A #German man was found dead and half eaten by what exotic pets that he himself owned?

A drunk Thai man was bitten several times by a angry #dog after attempting to do what shameful act?